Previously yuppie wrote:
> I personally prefer to move all type info Actions to the actions tool. I 
> can't see a need to specify separate 'view', 'edit' or 'metadata' 
> Actions for each content type. That just makes it necessary to maintain 
> a lot of redundant configuration data. In how many places did you have 
> to set "string:${portal_url}/edit_icon.png"?

Per-type edit and view actions are a very important customization point.
We should not make it harder for people to do that. Per-type actions are
very common in Plone, I'ld hate to loose them.

A good alternative might be to have a concept of action-overrides: a
set of actions that override or extend the global list of actions for
a specific context. That is something that I've wanted a few times and
could replace per-type actions.


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