Am 19.12.2008 um 10:48 schrieb Matt Hamilton:

> Of course as soon as you find the problem, you then know how to ask  
> the
> question...

I think that sense of embarassment is an essential part of the  
solution! ;-)

> and in looking for opaqueitems, found that Helge has already got
> there and started waving some performance pixie dust over it:
> Still... I don't quite understand why CMF is doing what it is doing  
> in the first
> place.

They are containers which won't be picked up by the normal methods. I  
agree that the current practice of checking every attribute could be a  
little expensive if you have lots of child objects stored in  
attributes. I think the solution is probably to see if the problem  
that they were introduced to address can't be solved in a different  
manner. The discussion a couple of weeks ago about CMFCatalogAware  
suggested that this class does indeed need refactoring for more  
predictable behaviour.

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