yuppie wrote:
> Rob Miller wrote:
>> thinking about it now, though, i'd say perhaps the zcml should support only 
>> including a "source" version, with the setup tool persisting the id of each 
>> upgrade step when it is run.  then the UI would show an upgrade step as 
>> needing to be run if a) the loaded profile version is greater than the 
>> source 
>> version specified in the ZCML and b) the id of the upgrade step is not yet 
>> stored in the setup tool's list of completed steps.
>> feel like fixing it?  ;)
> Did you have a look at the changes I made on GS trunk? Looks like your 
> proposal is based on the 1.4 code and moves in a different direction.

nope, i didn't.  and, as wichert indicated, my idea makes it hard to avoid 
running a step, if you don't want to run it.  i'm happy to let things progress 
as they are. :)


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