I'm having a little trouble with writing the tests for my formlib  
folder contents view replacement. The basic tests (based on yuppie's  
doctests) are fine but incomplete. I'm now integrating batching and am  
getting caught on view permissions for DummyContent objects.

This is the test:

     def _make_batch(self):
         from Products.CMFCore.tests.base.dummy import DummyContent
         batch_size = 25
         for i in range(batch_size + 2):
             content_id = "Dummy%s" % i
             content_obj = DummyContent(content_id)
             content_obj.portal_type = "Dummy Content"
             obj = self.folder._setObject(content_id, content_obj)
             content_obj.manage_setLocalRoles('user_foo', ['Owner'])

     def test_check_batching(self):
         batch_size = 25
         view = ContentsView(self.folder, TestRequest())
         self.assertEquals(view.navigation_next['title'], "NEXT N  

and this is error:

   File "/Users/charlieclark/cmf-svn/CMF.buildout/trunk/src/Zope2/src/ 
AccessControl/ZopeGuards.py", line 71, in guarded_getitem
     if getSecurityManager().validate(object, object, None, v):
Unauthorized: (item 0): You are not allowed to access 'Dummy0' in this  

Obviously I don't have the permission to access my newly created  
objects. So how do I go about fixing this for my tests? I can't find a  
comparable example in the rest of the CMF tests? Is it best to fix the  
permissions of the objects so that are viewable be "anonymous" or  
should I assign my view to my user? And while I'm at it, am I creating  
my dummy objects in the right way? I remember Tres saying something  
about this recently.

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