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> As you might see I'm a little confused at coming up with something that  
> is
> going to be easy to customise so all feedback appreciated.

This is getting eery!

Note to self: viewlets are specific implementations of content providers  
that you can bundle together in a viewlet manager.

Both work quite well with the CMF except for one tiny issue: PythonScripts  
aren't views so the TALES part of the viewlet will fail nastily even  
though this happens after the contentprovider has rendered. Unless I can  
find a workaround for this this makes neither available for CMFDefault at  
the moment.

Tres, in your speed tests for the ursa-stuff, did you just use ab? I'm  
just wondering out loud as to whether it wouldn't even faster to have  
@@add_actions_menu, etc. directly returning to main_template?

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