I just got a problem where I think that there is a conflict with case 
sensitive registration.

Through zcml I've registered "Filesystem Directory Views" using 
Uppercase for the first letter:

<cmf:registerDirectory name="mytheme_images/Stammbaeume"/>
<cmf:registerDirectory name="mytheme_images/Stammbaeume/Koschmieder"/>

Then I've imported some document.zexp from another site.
Within HTML code src of img is "../stammbaeume/koschmieder/img/image.png"
Image will not be presented, because now image.png is no longer in the 
subdir img.

Changing it to "../stammbaeume/koschmieder/image.png"
Image will not be presented, because it is case sensitive.

Changing it to "../Stammbaeume/Koschmieder/image.png"
Image appears

But changing all src of img in a mass of documents is an unpracticable way.
Thus I decided to change registration through zcml.

<cmf:registerDirectory name="mytheme_images/stammbaeume"/>
<cmf:registerDirectory name="mytheme_images/stammbaeume/koschmieder"/>
<cmf:registerDirectory name="mytheme_images/stammbaeume/koschmieder/img"/>

and moving images to subdir img, as well as changing case of directory 
naming to lower case.

Restarting Zope again, using original version of the CMF document, no 
image appears.
But I got following warning:

UserWarning: DirectoryView img refers to a non-existing path 
   (self.id, reg_key), UserWarning)

Through ZMI content of Stammbaeume/Koschmieder/img is accessible.

This seems for me, that deleting a "Filesystem Directory View" and 
restarting Zope (running zcml) will not empty and refill the registry.
Now I got a real conflict. I do not know, if this is a bug or if I can 
get an advice how to change it through GenericSetup.


     Fritz Loseries

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