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> Ok, I do not have an idea how I can write a script for changing CMF  
> documents within a zexp-file. The documents are within the ZODB and I do  
> not have indeep practice for this. Maybe it's easy, but I do not know it.

You could be to write a catalog search for the relevant documents and  
iterate through it changing the relevant attributes. But if you're not  
familiar with accessing the catalog programatically then this won't seem  

> Well, what do I have to do, that I will get upper case into lower case.  
> With changing cmf:registerDirectory it has no effect as I've described  
> above.
> In ZMI checking the properties of the Filesystem Directory View all is  
> written in lower case but the UserWarning means it is Upper case. Even  
> though the path in the Warning is strange because it is  
> "...skins/custom_image/..." and not "...skins/mytheme_image/..."
>  Probably I will not see the easy solution.

I don't know where the custom_image comes from - maybe this is a Plone  
artefact. In any case you just need to set the path in the properties to  
match the file system 1:1. In your case it is probably easiest to match  
the path in your ZMI objects. This probably means you need to rename the  
file system directories in lower case.

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