Charlie Clark wrote:
> as you may have noticed, I've been doing some work on the browser views.
> Unfortunately in my eagerness I've trashed a couple of histories and
> properties. If possible I'd like to restore them but my svn knowledge is
> still fairly rudimentary so if I could be pointed in the right direction.
> I think Products.CMFDefault/browser/utils.py is the main victim.

In general the svn history is quite useful for understanding old and 
complex code. But browser/utils.py isn't that old and that complex so I 
think it would be fine if you just add the correct svn properties.

> I'm currently working on a view for member preferences. One of the
> advantages of views over PythonScript is the support for unit testing and
> how that gives you the chance to think carefully about what you want your
> view to do and while, like most of the CMF code, the scripts are easy
> enough to understand it's noticeable how important some kind of narrative
> is for a reimplementation. I guess what we're missing at the moment would
> be functional testing of the various PythonScript combinations. In the
> absence of either I have a couple of questions:
> * the preferences form points the user in the direction of the password
> change form. Shouldn't this also be a user action?

I usually disable the preferences action completely and use 
change_password and change_email actions instead. But I was never in the 
mood to start a discussion about the CMFDefault policy.

> * where are the user folder security settings? local_roles for a user's
> home folder?

Don't understand these questions. First you talk about the user folder 
and than about user's home folders. What kind of security settings are 
you looking for?


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