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Hi Charlie,

> "enable_permalink". Now, while this is easy enough to add both to the  
> Script and my view and there is support for this in  
> zpt_generic/main_template with get_permalink, there is actually an  
> implicit dependency about CMFUid for this function. So, I think this means  
> we should either add CMFUid to CMFDefault's dependencies or move the  
> function to the CMFUid extension profile and associated skin layer. Or,  
> maybe this is like the CMFCalendar stuff? In which case maybe a more  
> explicit check for the existence of the tool, particularly when wanting to  
> enable permalinks, would make sense.

IMHO any CMFUid-related bits should be in CMFUid only. Certainly
CMFDefault should not have any explicit or implicit dependency on CMFUid.

> On a slightly related matter: I think we could probably retire the  
> "Properties" tab from the ZMI for the PortalObject. The same could be done  
> with some of the Tools and maybe with other tabs such as "Interfaces". Or  
> would this make a site too dependent upon installed skins? Thoughts?

+1 for removing the Properties tabs. There should only be one obvious
way to set these values, and that should be in the portal itself and not
the ZMI. Besides, IIRC string encoding for edits in the ZMI may end up
different than edits from the portal-provided forms.

I would leave the Interfaces tab in place for now.


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