Am 28.09.2010, 07:54 Uhr, schrieb Jens Vagelpohl <>:

> IMHO any CMFUid-related bits should be in CMFUid only. Certainly
> CMFDefault should not have any explicit or implicit dependency on CMFUid.

Unfortunately Favorite seems to have at least an implicit dependency:

     def _getUidByUrl(self):
         """Registers and returns the uid of the remote object if
         the unique id handler tool is available.

I suggest we add a  similar check for a UIDHandler that we have for  
CMFCalendar to the globals generators. Can we add a condition to Favorites  
so they cannot be added if there is no UIDHandler?

I can't think of an easy way to handle the "enable_permalink" to any  
controllers when CMFUid is installed I will add explicit support in  
reconfig_form and the associated view.

> +1 for removing the Properties tabs. There should only be one obvious
> way to set these values, and that should be in the portal itself and not
> the ZMI. Besides, IIRC string encoding for edits in the ZMI may end up
> different than edits from the portal-provided forms.

That's my thinking. The encoding issues don't seem to be as bad as they  
once were, now that UTF-8 is default, but, because neither the  
PythonScript nor the Properties tab store unicode, any non-ASCII may look  
funny in the ZMI as the default for this is Latin-1. And, presumably other  
combinations will not work at all so I've removed this.

> I would leave the Interfaces tab in place for now.

Because "Interfaces" can turn up all over the place this probably makes  
more sense.

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