Tres Seaver wrote:
> On 02/02/2011 06:17 PM, Nikolay Kim wrote:
>> well, we tested on modern windows, everything seem to work.
>> but problem is, it is not possible to develop on windows without this
>> patch. it just too slow. removing 'os.path.walk' makes development mode
>> as fast as on linux
>>>>> -            if platform == 'win32':
>>>>> -                # some Windows directories don't change mtime
>>>>> -                # when a file is added to or deleted from them :-(
>>>>> -                # So keep a list of files as well, and see if that
>>>>> -                # changes
> Can anybody else comment who is doing CMF-based work on Windows?

AFAIK this is primarily a file system issue, not an operating system 
issue. 'Last modified' time is updated on NTFS, but not on FAT32.

Not sure what we need to support: I guess everybody is working with 
Windows versions that support NTFS, but maybe some people still develop 
on FAT32 partitions.

Maybe there is an easy way to detect the file system?


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