yuppie wrote:
> AFAIK this is primarily a file system issue, not an operating system
> issue. 'Last modified' time is updated on NTFS, but not on FAT32.
> Not sure what we need to support: I guess everybody is working with
> Windows versions that support NTFS, but maybe some people still develop
> on FAT32 partitions.

DebugModeTests have been disabled by default. Now I see 3 errors on 
FAT32 and one error on NTFS:

Error in test test_DeleteAddEditMethod 
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "...\Python26\lib\unittest.py", line 279, in run
line 290, in test_DeleteAddEditMethod
AttributeError: test2

Someone has to figure out if this can be fixed without using the old 
code for NTFS as well.

Cheers, Yuppie
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