The problem

The toolset registry of portal_setup can get out of touch with reality: a product may have installed a tool a while ago and made it required, but meanwhile the product author has unthinkingly renamed the class or module of the tool; or the product has been removed from the buildout without being uninstalled; or the uninstall does not take care of cleaning up the required tools from the registry.

Now the admin of this website installs a second product which is totally unrelated. It has its own required tool, which it registers in toolset.xml. On install, the admin gets a traceback:

     Module Products.GenericSetup.tool, line 123, in importToolset
  TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable

This is because the tool of the first product is still in the required tools list. The admin does not understand this and files a bug report for the second product as it cannot be installed. Sample bug reports are here:


And a thread on how to fix it when it has already gone wrong:

The proposal

I propose to not break in this case, but give a warning and continue with the next tool, much like was already done for missing import steps.

This should lower the number of sites where installs of new products fail for a reason that has nothing to do with that product. It should consequently also bring down the number of misdirected support requests.

Downside could be that when you are developing a new product and make a typo in the class name in toolset.xml it does not break anymore but only print a warning message that may be easily overlooked.

I would say the benefit outweighs the downside.

The code

Currently the code in Products/GenericSetup/tool.py starts like this:

    for info in toolset.listRequiredToolInfo():
        tool_id = str(info['id'])
        tool_class = _resolveDottedName(info['class'])
        if tool_class is None:
            logger.info('Class %(class)s not found for '
                        'tool %(id)s' % info)
        # code that may break when tool_class is None

The code that is executed in the 'tool_class is None' condition should become:

            logger.warning("Not creating required tool %(id)s, because "
                           "class %(class)s is not found." % info)

Tests on CMF trunk and CMF 2.2 pass with this.

Would this change be acceptable on trunk and branch 1.6?

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