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On the contrary, it's state supported monopolies that are bad…

Monopolies of any sort are usually bad and, unfortunately, rarely corrected by market forces. So much for "efficient market theory". Which is why, since Standard Oil, we have anti-trust legislation. There are exceptions but these are usually of a philosophical such as the European tradition of having a monopoly on the use of force, the US position (2nd amendment? is noticeably nuanced).

Philosophically speaking I would side with Yuppie in saying the "GitHub is up to no good" and I do not maintain any repositories on it myself (that, and the fact that I can't get my head round git). However, with reference to our common projects I think it is a general discussion and I would feel slightly hypocritical pushing for a clean solution here while contributing to other parts of Zope (chance would be a fine thing) that are on GitHub. Still hoping for a third option.

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