On 09.01 12:06, Charlie Clark wrote:
> Hiya Patrick,
> Am .01.2015, 11:48 Uhr, schrieb Patrick Gerken <ger...@starzel.de>:
> >I hope you don't mind my jenkins to post here directly.
> >I never managed to enter cmf-tests list and since I am the only tester,
> >I figured I can send here directly.
> No problem and thanks for adding it. Any chance you can add coverage
> information? Or isn't that possible with the Zope testing toolchain?

No problem, we do this for a bunch of (private) jobs on this server
already. But for now I just put this on my todo list.

> Can you do anything about the certificate error on your site?

Lets wait for firefox and eff in the summer:
Until then, this will stay a self signed certificate.

Best regards,


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