Patrick Gerken schreef op 09-01-15 om 14:16:
On 09.01 12:06, Charlie Clark wrote:
Hiya Patrick,

Am .01.2015, 11:48 Uhr, schrieb Patrick Gerken <>:

I hope you don't mind my jenkins to post here directly.
I never managed to enter cmf-tests list and since I am the only tester,
I figured I can send here directly.

No problem and thanks for adding it. Any chance you can add coverage
information? Or isn't that possible with the Zope testing toolchain?

No problem, we do this for a bunch of (private) jobs on this server
already. But for now I just put this on my todo list.

Can you do anything about the certificate error on your site?

Lets wait for firefox and eff in the summer:
Until then, this will stay a self signed certificate.

Since 2 February 2013 each day there is a summary of test reports to this list with always zero reports. Does anyone know what is going on there?

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