Tres Seaver schreef op 26-05-15 om 03:10:
I have cloned the "root" CMF buildout repository to Git, and pushed to
Github[1] and Launchpad[2].  This one was involved enough that I'd like
some extra eyeballs on it before clearing out the SVN 'trunk':  in
particular, I think it is possilbe that some of the historical changes
(removing the products as direct contents, replacing them first with
'svn:externals', an later with 'mr.developer' checkouts), could be messed up.

If you have the zen, please clone from either Git location and poke around.
  I tried to preserve "important" tags (those matching releases) and
branches (the release lines) but left some of them behind.  Please check
for correct e-mail addresses in the logs, too.

Note that the only current CI build is failing even though it is checked
out still from SVN[3].  I haven't looked into it yet, but the likelihood is
that it will be a relatively shallow fix.



Thanks! Looks okay to me. I did a few more commits, adding .gitignore to all products and buildouts, updating buildout configs for the 2.2 and 2.3 branch, fixing the failing CMFCore test.

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