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Contributor Workflow:  Github

Github-based contributors will follow normal Github workflow patterns:

- Fork the repository of interest via the Github UI.

If they have contributor acccess to the original repository, they can of course create a branch in this original github repository.

I was going to say: "the same is true for Launchpad," but on Launchpad we should of course not do any manual changes to the original repository, because it is meant to be only touched by the automatic synchronisation.

The Launchpad repository will be synched automatically, whether by the
cron job or by the built-in Launchpad mirroring.

Does anyone know if we can make the Launchpad repository read-only except for the synchronization? This would prevent accidental commits. Well, I guess the access rights can be tweaked. If the repo can only be written to by one Zope Foundation or CMF account, this would prevent accidental commits by individual contributors.

Sounds good to me.

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