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Yes, Plone has switched over a long time ago. Plone 4.0 and higher, including Plone 5, have CMF 2.2. (Not 2.3, for compatibility reasons that I don't know.)

I can't remember the details myself. I don't think the API has changed much.

But CMFActionIcons 2.1.3 is still shipped in Plone 4 for backwards compatibility reasons, so you don't get broken objects in the ZMI.

? Can't Plone 4 be fixed instead?

I noticed some links to in the sources.cfg in the Plone coredev buildout for 4.3, and I wanted to get rid of it. This is part of that.

That does not sound like a good enough reason to me or does it relate to the recent certificate problems? In any case the repo should be made read-only if possible.

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