[Fred Drake]
>> I don't see a need to include the disclaimer about Python 2.4; I test
>> on 2.4, and use Zope 3 trunk with 2.4.1 all the time.

[Paul Winkler]
> Maybe you do, but it really is a FAQ, and that's the consensus response
> from the chorus every time it comes up on the main zope list, so I feel
> justified :-)

It's the right answer, too.  No "security audit" has been done against
Python 2.4 for Zope use yet, and Zope Corp won't officially bless 2.4
for use with Zope until that's been done.

Note that the story is different for ZODB:  Python 2.4+ is officially
blessed for "standalone" ZODB use.  This is one advantage of keeping
DTML out of the storage layer <wink>.
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