On 17 Sep 2005, at 02:32, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

Issue 1891 has a patch to remove some references to the 'whrandom'
module, that has been deprecated since python2.1.

I've cleaned up that patch and expanded it to remove *all* references
to whrandom, including code that enabled it for use by 'Script (Python)'
and DTML.

It's my opinion that people using 'whrandom' explicitly should know
what they are doing and won't be harmed too much by the removal of

Any thoughts?

I'm all for removing deprecated stuff like that, the sticky point is removing it in places that immediately breaks users' own scripts. You can't do that within the 2.8 release cycle, sites breaking from one third-dot release to the next is clearly a problem.

Can we handle the deprecation like other deprecations so far? For the next release line, meaning Zope 2.9, emit deprecation warnings when users have scripts with whrandom in Zope, and kill it completely in 2.10. On the other hand, all places where Zope uses whrandom *internally* that don't have anything to do with user code could probably be cleaned up right away.


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