On Sat, Sep 17, 2005 at 11:02:45AM +0200, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
| I'm all for removing deprecated stuff like that, the sticky point is  
| removing it in places that immediately breaks users' own scripts. You  
| can't do that within the 2.8 release cycle, sites breaking from one  
| third-dot release to the next is clearly a problem.
| Can we handle the deprecation like other deprecations so far? For the  
| next release line, meaning Zope 2.9, emit deprecation warnings when  
| users have scripts with whrandom in Zope, and kill it completely in  
| 2.10. On the other hand, all places where Zope uses whrandom  
| *internally* that don't have anything to do with user code could  
| probably be cleaned up right away.

I'm sure that can be done, probably by making whrandom import lazy in
the context of DTML methods and Python Scripts? (ie: just import when
it's used). I lack the time and knowledge to do that right now though.

Sidnei da Silva
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