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Martijn Pieters wrote:
> Martijn Pieters wrote:
>>The error occurs in Products/Five/tests/forms.txt, which means it needs
>>to be fixed in the Five repository, not in the Zope repository (at
>>least not permanently). Indeed nearly all the functional tests there
>>set handle_errors=False, which can be dropped to handle this situation
>>better. Alternatively the test can be altered to expect a Traceback ...
> I see you already checked in a fix to the Five codebase, but because you
> didn't propagate this to the Zope codebase the test fails there. I
> checked in a fix there before I learned of you Five checkin. Here is my
> patch, which changes the test to expect Unauthorized to be raised:
> --- lib/python/Products/Five/tests/forms.txt    (revision 38617)
> +++ lib/python/Products/Five/tests/forms.txt    (working copy)
> @@ -36,8 +36,9 @@
>    ... GET /test_folder_1_/ftf/+/protectedaddform.html HTTP/1.1
>    ... Authorization: Basic viewer:secret
>    ... """, handle_errors=False)
> -  HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
> +  Traceback (most recent call last):
>    ...
> +  Unauthorized: ...
>  Now let's add a piece of our sample content object to test more things
>  on it:
> This is the direct opposite of your fix in the Five codebase, where you
> removed the handle_errors=False flag instead. I assumed the keyword was
> there for a reason (propagate unexpected exceptions during testing?) so
> I used the Traceback approach instead.
> Do the Five ppl want this approach instead? If not, just ignore my change
> to the Zope codebase and have a future version of Five overwrite it.

I'm fine with either way;  'handle_errors=False' is a signal (to me,
anyway) that the test is more a "unit test" (which cares about
exceptions for edge cases) than a "functional" test (which cares that
appropriate error pages are returned to the users).

Feel free to port your change to the Five/branch/Five-1.1 and
Five/trunk, AFAIAC.

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