David wrote:
As for Oracle, I tried to look at the logs in <Zope-Instance-dir>\log
folder and found nothing there about errors. Sorry for being such a
newbie in Zope but I thought Zope's debug-mode is on by default. Any
suggestions on how to display such errors?

Use runzope.bat in a dos box instead of running as a service.
Look in the error_log object through the ZMI.
Look in Control_Panel/Products and see if ZOracleDA/DCOracle2 is ther eand alive and well...

Btw, could it be an issue with Zope's Python being a newer version
(2.3.4) than the one that ZOracleDA was installed with (current
version requires Python 2.1)?

Yes, that would b0rk it. ZOracleDA works fine with Python 2.3, you'll just need to compile it yourself (-> MS Visual C++ 6.0)



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