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The Zope Book (version 2.7,
http://www.plope.com/Books/2_7Edition/ZPT.stx#1-8) implies that you can't
do "SQL queries" from Zope Page Templates.  If this implication is
correct, I (for one) have a problem, as I'm trying to do all my work with
ZPTs (rather than DTML) in order to use my WYSIWYG HTML editor
(DreamWeaver) to design my pages.

The RDB chapter in the Zope book
shows a ZPT example that works for getting retrieved data from the
database through ZSQL objects onto web pages.  But I haven't found an
example of a ZPT for an HTML form that can take data from the web page
into the database.

You have not read the book correctly. First statement just said that you
can't SQL queries using ZPT. In Zope you specify SQL queries using
*ZSQL methods* that use DTML as markup language...this is not the same
as defining SQL inside DTML methods/documents or Page Templates.
Since ZSQL methods are first-class objects in Zope, you can call them
of course from DTML method/documents, Python Scripts *and* Zope Pagetemplates
(as shown in the RDBMS chapter).

Hope this makes things clearer,

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