> Look at line 301 of "DCOracle2/SP.py" and check the implicated
> object and its type.

Thanks but I think I've already did the thing, and I've even written
a post about this but... I've sent it only to myself, not to the group :D

As I can see there

I'm using older version of DCOracle2 (before chrisw changes)

I've changed SP.py:

return self._lobConvert(results)

return self._lobConvert(self._v_db, results)

Then I've received attribute error about sortKey method.
I've added method:

def sortKey(self):
  """ Important for Zope 2.8"""
  return 1

to Procedure class in SP.py (and to DB class in db.py - just in case)
and it seems to work now :)

Tomorrow I'll try with chrisw version too.

Maciej Wisniowski
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