You can get the newer code from The particular error your getting usually indicates a permission problem with ORACLE_HOME's directory or not having the ORACLE_HOME environment variable set properly. The libraries can't even read the message repository in this instance.

On Jul 8, 2005, at 5:27 AM, Germer, Carsten wrote:

Hi everyone,

Oracle 9i works fine with SQLPlus on my Suse 8.2 machine with Zope

I downloaded and installed DCOracle 1.3 beta from A few problems with compiling
where resolved easily.

Now I get that infamous error
  Module Products.DCOracle2.DCOracle2.DCOracle2, line 185, in connect
BadRequest: <strong>Invalid connection string:
</strong><CODE>xxx/[EMAIL PROTECTED]</CODE><br>
(1107016384, '\x88\xcb\x13\x08\x90K(@t\xd9\x7f\xbc\xab\x1d\x02')

I read up on mailing lists and found that someone says that there's a
newer version out
"Also, the latest cvs build of is 1.137 or so, so you're running
about 8 patches behind at your current code base."

Where can I get a more recent version of DCOacle 2?
Or has anyone any other hint on how to resolve this?

Cheers /Carsten

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