Hello Everyone,
I need help in configuring user authentication for a folder in Zope using MySQL database. I spent many hours reading and searching for the answer but I con not reach a successful outcome. Here is what I did so far:
- the folder that needs to be protected is "Root Folder\domains\mydomain"
- I added a "MySQL_database_connection (Z MySQL Database Connection). The "Status" tab says the connection is open.
- I added an "acl_users" (Extensible User Folder).
- the "parameters" tab is set to "cookie-based authentication"
- the "Authentication Source" tab shows
Database Connection set to "MySQL_database_connection
Table Name set to "webusers"
Username Column set to "user_login"
Password Column set to "user_pass"
Roles Column set to "user_roles"
- the "Properties Source" tab shows Database Connection set to "MySQL_database_connection"
- the "Membership Source" tab shows (I list only some of the entries here):
Mail Host set to "MialHost"  
Site Base set to "http://my.ip.address:8080/domains/mydomain"
Relative Path (from base) of Login Page set to "LoginForm"
Relative Path (from base) of Signup Page set to "SignupForm"
Relative Path (from base) of Change Password Page set to "ChangPasswordForm"
After login.... set to "Go to intended destination"
Default Roles has nothing selected
- the "Groups Source" is blank
- the "Security" tab shows all set to "Aquire"
- the "Contents" tab has a list of DTML and folders (too long to enter them here)
- I added an "index_html" DTML method
- I inserted a row in the database with the following data "user_login=admin" "user_pass=schi" "user_roles=administrator" (I used phpMyAdmin for this since I did not know how to do it in Zope)
When I call in a browser http://my.ip.address:8080/domains/mydomain the above "index_html" is displayed
When I change on the "Security" tab of the "index_html" method, the "View" permission from "Acquire" to "Authenticated" I do receive the "Login Required" page from domains/mydomain/acl_users and the "Contents" tab, DTML method called "docLogin (Login Page)".
If I enter the user name as "caladmin" and its password "schi" and click the OK button ... the login page comes back over and over again. No error messages are displayed.
What am I doing wrong and how can I make it work? Please help.
Thank you.
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