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Is it possible to store a database connection (i.e. a "Z MySQL Database
Connection") in a file system product ? How ?

What is the sense? You can not store persistent objects. You might store
a reference to the object using some _v_ variables to avoid getting
the DA everytime through acquisition (this makes only sense
if you have performance issues, do you?).

The sense is that I would like to find an easy way to install my product
without setting up the database connection manually. I guess the way to
do it is to add some code in then ?

huh? Either you expect a DA under a particular ID and use acquisition to get hold of it or you except a certain meta_type and use superValues() to search for instances of this particular meta_type.

Well, I want to make some python code that creates a DA under a particular ID (and yes, this is not my first question, but it will solve my problem).

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