Maciej Zięba wrote:
Hi :-)

Thank you for your suggestions I think I will have to try that...

In the meantime I've managed to get the "dollar-quotation" to work -
well, kind of. Previously I was making a very stupid mistake - the $$
should be in template and not in the string itself. I mean something
like this:

'INSERT INTO records (zope_id, title, long_description)
VALUES (<dtml-sqlvar zope_id type="string">,
<dtml-sqlvar title type="string">,
$long_description$<dtml-sqlvar long_description

mm, interesting as I've never worked with this form of quoting. Normally you can use a <dtml-var> rather than <dtml-sqlvar> to stop ZSQL quoting a value for you but this is not advisable or safe.

Can you supply an example of something you need to do that is causing problems?

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