Maciej Zi-Bęba wrote at 2006-8-9 12:53 +0200:-A
>I need to insert a python string into Postgresql's text field. I'm using
>a ZSQLMethod with ZPsycopgDA and the template looks like this:
>'INSERT INTO records (zope_id, title, long_description)
>VALUES (<dtml-sqlvar zope_id type="string">,
><dtml-sqlvar title type="string">,
><dtml-sqlvar long_description type="string">)'
>long_description is the text field.
>With most of my data it works fine, but there are some "long
>descriptions" that are really complicated with lots of quotes (both
>singular ', as well as double ") and what's worse - they have SQL syntax

If you call your "ZSQLMethod" with a parameter "src__=1", then
it will return the generated SQL.

Look at it and check whether the string was properly SQL quoted.
If not, file a bug report.

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