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I'm working with a Postgresql database which I have to insert a lot of data to... I'm using the ZPsycopgDA database adapter, and ZSQL methods. I have noticed that though I am calling the zsql method no data gets really commited to the database. It all gets entered to database at the very end. This behavior seems reasonable for keeping database consistent, but in my situation it is really not so good - I have couple houndreds megabytes of data and as I believe it all gets stored in memory before being sent to the database causing serious system lags. I could be wrong though - this is only my observation... What could be another reason for slooow inserts? Either way, it would be far better for me if every "INSERT" would be commited immediatelly or better yet if I could force a "commit" within my code. Is there some way I can do it?


if you want transactional integrity then be prepared to pay the price: do not adjust Zope's transaction settings. As Andreas says you can make some adjustments on the server to speed up the process but please note that Zope is infamously slow for SQL statements although this usually does not play an important part. If you are doing a one off import then you are better working directly with Python. If you do need to work within Zope then note that using bound parameters should give you an additional performance boost over anything you can set on the server.

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