Maciej Wisniowski napisaƂ(a):

If one is careful, one can find a reliable solution...

Hopefully I think I did this today...

I've found that psycopg pool implementation has nice

class PersistentConnectionPool(AbstractConnectionPool):
   """A pool that assigns persistent connections to different threads.

   Note that this connection pool generates by itself the required keys
   using the current thread id.  This means that untill a thread put away
   a connection it will always get the same connection object by successive
   .getconn() calls. This also means that a thread can't use more than one
   single connection from the pool.

I used this, and finally I have DCOracle2 with connection pool, without
volatile attributes (I didn't changed implementation of stored procedures yet), with ability to reconnect after things like DB restart and with REAL ability to
open/close connections from ZMI.

Did anyone try SQL Relay as a bridge? They say "When using SQL Relay, the database can be bounced without having to restart Zope"

Pawel Lewicki

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