My error was about self.db attribute in
'_v_database_connection' not about '_v_database_connection'
attribute itself. During abort() of this resource manager
self.db was None so self.db.rollback() failed. I'll check
this again...
I've messed up things. Error that I've found is in
StoredProcedures in DCOracle2 -> and
this issue seems to be specific to DCOracle2 SP class.

SP class is ResourceManager that uses self._v_db
attribute that is in fact another ResourceManger.

When stored procedure in database raises an exception
self._v_db attribute of SP class instance disappears
(if it was created during same request). As a result
"AttributeError: _v_db" is raised when ResourceManager (SP)
is being aborted because it tries to call self._v_db.db.rollback().

I'm not sure why DCOracle2 treats SP as another
ResourceManager while it still uses same db connection as
the other ZSQLs etc. As a result if we have a lot of SP calls
during one request there is a lot of commits (rollbacks) to the same
db connection. Maybe it's something about caching procedure
objects in volatile attributes.

Maciej Wisniowski

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