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Subject: [Zope-DB] How do I use my archetypes-generated form to insert datainto a mysql table?

I made a form using ArchGenXML and want to use it to populate a table
in a mysql database. So far I have not come across a good tutorial on
how to do this. Someone suggested I use ZSQL methods. I understand how
to create them, but how exactly would I call a ZSQL method with the
information from my form?

You can use a python script or external method (or even a dtml method) to access the form data and make the call to the zsql method. Here is an example I have pulled from an external method:

if not rStat.dictionaries():
                       # no user account, log error, error return
                       SysEventsLogger(self, ....)
                       return (RFAIL, 0)

# here if we found some user record data, so build the return dictionary
dictList = rStat.dictionaries()

In the above example, 'userId' is a form field.



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