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keep replies on the mailing list so that others can learn from them.

Thanks Charlie, your method works well (after some hours of labor...)
My code below (not finalized, but, for Zope/Python/MySsql newbies, can be useful for to start...)

Yes, except that it's not really very Pythonic and we're the number of script kiddies out there picking up the language we need to try and encourage the good stuff.

from Products.PythonScripts.standard import html_quote
from string import split

No! strings have got the split() method (since Python 1.6)

request = container.REQUEST
# Get argument(s)
criteres = mot_MAJ
# Test

Assuming the criteria are coming from some web form there should be no need to split a string, they should already be available as a list.

#for cc in criteres.split(' '):
  #print cc.upper()
# Counter
countResults = 0
# Loop through arguments
for c in criteres.split(' '):
# Lecture_mots iS "Z SQL method" in Zope (ZMI) which use a "Z MySQL database connection"
  results = context.lecture_mots(critere='%'+c.upper()+'%')

I'd actually use upper() in the DB query but it doesn't make much difference

  if len(results) == 0:  # if not results is a nicer way to write this
      print 'No results for ' + c
      countResults = len(results)
      print str(countResults) + ' results for ' + c
      for ligne in results:
          print '<h3>' + ligne[1] + '</h3>'
              # Test
              #for colonne in ligne:
                  #print colonne
return results

Do not use a PythonScript to generate user readable output! Use it simply to control your SQL query and pass the results to a template to display which look something like this.
<tal:block tal:define="results context/myScript">

<h3 tal:repeat="ligne results" tal:content="ligne/id"></h3>

As you actually wish to list the results by criteria then you should pass the criteria to the script in a template loop but I'll leave that to you.

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