All that is a little part of a Product, but i need check that´s ok ,
when I fill in the form , email and ask are stored in my DB with zsql
method, i need user to stored in DB too.
how could do it??

2007/3/7, Charlie Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Am 07.03.2007, 10:35 Uhr, schrieb javi lopez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Hello everyone:
> i´m doing a form where i get email and one ask. when I check that
> email is valid, I do Controller Python Script where i want to create:

Why do you need a DB connection per user? You can't do this in a
PythonScript. You will need to use an ExternalMethod or a Product but I
would guess you need to rethink your application.


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