The original issue with stored procedures that return a ref cursor has been resolved and it is working fine.
As you mention, it was all along:
c2 = c1.procedures.sp1(in1, in2, in3, in4)
I was running into a problem with it, but the problem ended up being not with the stored procedure, but with the TIMESTAMP data type, as I mention in another post. DCOracle2 was crashing with a segmentation fault when one tries to fetch a record from a non empty dataset returned by c2. Trying the same thing with DCOracle2 on Windows XP, an actual error message was received that an unknown data type of type SQLT_TIMESTAMP was encountered. This is how I knew that issue was not with a stored procedure returning a ref cursor but with the TIMESTAMP datatype. We are using a new database design in Oracle 10g. The designers chose to use timestamp instead of date, so the issue arose recently.

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If I recall, DCOracle2 returns an array of the OUT parameters from invoking a stored procedure, so your invocation would be more like

c2 = c1.sp1(in1, in2, in3, in4) and you wouldn't pass in ref_cur

but its been a while since I reviewed the code. I know ref cursors used to work...

On Mar 16, 2007, at 11:44 AM, Maan M. Hamze wrote:

I am using DCOCralce2 with Python 2.41, and Oracle 9.
I have a stored procedure (sp1) that takes 4 IN parameters, with  one OUT
parameter.  The OUT parameter is a **ref_cursor** that holds a data  set.
I am doing the following:
db = DCOracle2.connection(connectionString)
C1 = db.cursor()
C2 = db.cursor()
#I run the following holding the result into the cursor C2
#since the OUT param is a ref_cur
C2 = C1.sp1(INparam1, INparam2,INparam3,INparam4, ref_cur)

I expect to get a data set
I know there is data when sp1 is run
But I am getting an empty data set when I fetch data via C2 cursor.
Do you have any idea how to make this work when a stored procedure  has a
ref_cur OUT parameter?

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