Hello. I'm dealing with the ZmySQLDA product on Zope 2.9.7 and Python 2.4.3 versions. I'm having problems when I retrieve data from the database because the data is not rendered using the unicode charset when the zope instance is in a vserver (with a Gentoo Linux distribution), so I get weird characters like 'á' instead of the usual ones: 'á' (as they are strored inthe db). This is not happening on my local machine, so I guess it could be a bad configuration of the vserver. Is there any possibilities to pass a parameter to the ZmySQLDSA connection to make it use the unicode charset? Which differences are between the _mysql python module and the MySQLdb library for this purpose? Could it be the configuation of the vserver? How can it be relationed with the unicode problems?
Any idea?

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