Here's the scenario:

1. "insertNew" is a Z SQL Method for creating a new record in pgsql "table1"
Argument list = field1, field2, field3

SQL Query:
INSERT INTO table1 (field1, field2, field3)
    <dtml-sqlvar field1 type="string">,
    <dtml-sqlvar field2 type="string">,
    <dtml-sqlvar field3 type="string">)
2. "call_insertNew" is a python script that is called as an "After
Validation Script" by a pfg form

request = container.REQUEST
form = request.form

changed_field1 = form.get('field1')
changed_field1 = "a new computed value"
field1 = changed_field1

#create a new record with form field results for field2 & field3, and a
computed value for field1

It's easy to insert and update Z SQL Methods directly from form field

It's easy to read form field results (e.g. request.field2) and do
comparisons, etc.

I am struggling to understand how one can change a form field result with a
computed value from a python script.

Either of the following returns an error:
form.get('field1') = changed_field1
request.field1 = changed_field1

field1 = changed_field1
...the value doesn't get posted to the pgsql record.  Instead the pgsql
field1 value remains what the request.field1 value was originally.

Any direction is appreciated... Jim

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