I understand. Thanks.
Did not realize there was a new version of the python/zmysqlda available. Thanks for that info. Would really like to use the mx connectors but at this point if I can use an updated free one and it works, then I need to do that.

And no, all our stuff is in the ZODB as ZSQL methods. Always has been. We do some stuff in straight python on the filesystem and some external methods but the vast majority is still done the same old way. Currently running on

Thanks for the info.


Charlie Clark wrote:
Am 18.02.2009, 20:24 Uhr, schrieb Allen Schmidt Sr. <aschm...@fredericksburg.com>:

Hey Charlie,

What timing. I am having my server guys drop the trial egenix zope da in  
place as I write this. Seeing too many errors and oddities with the  
ancient MySQLDA we use now. Planning on converting all our mysql  
connections to the mxodbc connectors, but utilize the exact same name so  
we don't have to change every ZSQL method. Is this a sound practice? Or  
do you have any other solutions.

If MySQL is to stay as your RDBMS then this work perfectly. It's one of the nice things about Zope that you tend to overlook: some replacement components really can just be dropped in - the ZSQL methods just know the id of the connection. To be honest the 3.0 version of the ZMySQLDA isn't bad and some of the errors may be related to other things - I've recently had a project with key errors on cached ZSQL results which are independent of the DA. But I'm pretty confident that the mxODBC Zope DA is the best around but being able to access more of the underlying driver can be a real life-saver. One thing I would recommend is moving all you ZSQL to the file system if you haven't already done this.

 Thanks and sorry for bothering you directly. Please let me know if not  

While I don't mind the e-mail at all. It's always good to keep discussions like this on list so to that others can join in or benefit.

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