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> I understand. Thanks.

> Did not realize there was a new version of the python/zmysqlda  
> available. Thanks for that info. Would really like to use the mx  
> connectors but at this point if I can use an updated free one and it  
> works, then I need to do that.

Ours works better! ;-) Which specific errors have you been experiencing?

> And no, all our stuff is in the ZODB as ZSQL methods. Always has been.  
> We do some stuff in straight python on the filesystem and some external  
> methods but the vast majority is still done the same old way. Currently  
> running on

I think DirectoryView, FSObject and FSZSQLMethod are available separately, 
otherwise just get the latest version of CMFCore that will run on your version 
of Zope. It takes about five minutes to move a ZODB ZSQL-Method to the file 
system and it's worth it, especially if you can remove your dependency on 
ExternalMethods as well.

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