Brian Lloyd wrote:
> We are going to move a better 'zopectl start', 'zopectl stop' sort of
> setup, though its not there yet. This will make a number of things
> better.

Cool :-)

> > - the -P option doesn't work properly.
> > python -D -P 9000 still resulted in the PCGI server being run on
> > port 8090.
> That's because the pcgi info file (Zope.cgi) controls the pcgi port.

Okay, fair enough... the problem is that I run a few Zopes on my NT
workstation for testing stuff that's REALLY likely to break ;-) (don't
want anyone to think I'd use NT in production!...)

I already had 2.1.6 running and when I tried to start up 2.2, they both
tried to use the same port for PCGI causing 2.2 to bomb out.

Maybe PCGI should be off by default?
If people want to use PCGI, they'll know they want to use it, but other
people just tend to run with default settings that starts up a PCGI
server that never gets used...

> > Wasn't there going to be an option so that servers which you don't use
> > (monitor and PCGI in this case) don't get started?
> yes, try:
> python -X -w 8080
> only publish HTTP on port 8080. Note that -X should come before
> the specific servers you want to enable.


> Yes - I just checked in the help for ownership today. It will be in
> the next release.

Yup, saw that getting checked in abotu 5 mins after I posted the message



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