Brian Lloyd wrote:
> Yes you could, except that you would also make them inaccessible
> from DTML (or from anywhere else) for the same class of users. 
> Is it really acceptable that in order to use <dtml-in objectIds>
> on a page that needs to be accessible to anonymous users that I 
> must grant 'Access contents information' to anonymous users and
> thus give them the ability to inspect my objects if they want to? 

So you have something like:

'Access at all' (this is 'Access Contents Information')

'Access through URL' (the 'expose' flag I talked about in previous posts)

'Access through FTP'

'Access through XML-RPC'


This would be for individual Zope objects.

For objects that expose methods, perhaps you'd need yet another permission,
something like:

'Access methods at all'

'Access methods through URL'


Of course this sounds like it could get unwieldy, unless there was
some clear user interface.
> I have a feeling that intent will need to become more important
> somehow in the future. As we add more protocols and types of 
> usage to Zope, it becomes harder for a single permission to 
> really cover a resource in a way that makes sense for all of 
> the various usages.


> From the point of view of an xml-rpc based
> client app, having objectIds and the like may be an absolute 
> necessity, while from a pure HTTP standpoint many would 
> at best consider it superfluous or at worst consider it
> a security hole.
> *sigh*. Maybe the right short-term thing is to just leave it 
> the way it was and tell people who may be concerned about it 
> to turn it off via that permission and live the repercussions 
> that will have in their DTML. I guess at least that way the 
> software isn't taking the choice out of their hands.

Um, is there a good workaround then, if you turn it off? I mean,
if you turn off 'Access Contents Information' *and* you want a
DTML method that generates an index of all subfolders, what do you
do? Work with proxies?



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