Phillip J. Eby:

> In ZPatterns 0.4.0 and beyond, RackMountables will probably change their
> name to DynamicDataObjects, or DDO's for short.  This is to reflect their
> new, wider scope, which does not require them to be mounted in a Rack to
> have their dynamic features.  They will be able to have providers manage
> their data no matter where they are in a Zope application, so long as the
> DDO is in acquisition context of a ZDMFolder ("Folder w/Data Management
> Support") that has a ZDataManager plug-in registered for the DDO's meta_type.

This sounds amazingly flexible.

> I'm not actually real fond of the DDO term, because "Dynamic Data Object"
> doesn't quite do justice to what these things actually are.  I am
> definitely open to suggestions for a better name.  (Facade?  PlaceHolder?
> InsideOutObject?  ExternalDataObject?  BrainInjectedObject?)

ZopeTupperware, AloofAttributeObjects, DataSkins :)  

> Also, while I'm babbling about versions, it's important to note at this
> point that ZPatterns versions below 1.0.0 should be considered subject to
> change even with respect to developer-level API's.  They get more stable as
> the number gets higher, which is why LoginManager changed a lot less
> between 0.8.0 and 0.8.5 than half as much as ZPatterns changed between
> 0.2.0 and 0.3.0.  The change to 0.4.0 will probably be another big jump,
> due to the DDO stuff as well as the Indexes stuff.  Predicates may even
> make it in, in some small way.

This is one of the reasons I am just looking a tinkering. But this is
definately is the future of instance data and data presentation in Zope.

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