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> The basic idea is that an "indexing" plugin receives objectAdded(),
> objectChanging(), objectChanged(), and objectDeleted() messages from its
> DataManager.  The idea was that it would then be able to update an index
> (such as a ZCatalog) accordingly.  But during one of the PTK discussions
> about member registration, it occurred to me that a "registration index"
> could note the addition of a user, and then e-mail them or do other
> operations specific to that portal's business rules.
[other great examples of this capability snipped]

You could call these "ChangeBrains". It's got a bit of alliteration to it :)

After reading Steve Alexander's message this morning, I started thinking
about how the Portal capabilities could be refactored into one or more
Specialists. This feature is also a very neat way for people to set up their
review policies for the Portal.

I'll send a message with more detail about my thoughts on a Portal
Specialist over on the zope-ptk list. I just wanted to chime in and say that
I agree that ChangeBrains (or whatever) are a Really Useful Thing.


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