I'm using the latest cvs-version of Zope and I seem to not be able to
acces ZSql-methods, I get the login-box, but I can't login as anyone (I
have tried to login as superuser, myself (owner/manager) and not at all,
but all I get is not authorized. The methods do work in management-mode,
but not in the actual pages (or in he view-tab for index_html).

Everything Aquires security from the root-folder, but that doesn't seem
to help any (neither does giving everyone full rights...). And yes I
checked to see that the root-folder is setting "Use database methods".

So if anyone has any ideas to try, I'd be happy ;)

My guess is that it has something to do with the new security patches,
but I'm not sure.

oh, right, and another thing, could you cool developers of Zope please
take a quick look through all the management-tabs and make sure that
they don't move around alot like they do now ;), this would speed up
productivity a little for us users ;).

/Peter Toneby, who finds stability boring ;)
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