> I'm using the latest cvs-version of Zope and I seem to not be able to
> acces ZSql-methods, I get the login-box, but I can't login as 
> anyone (I
> have tried to login as superuser, myself (owner/manager) and 
> not at all,
> but all I get is not authorized. The methods do work in 
> management-mode,
> but not in the actual pages (or in he view-tab for index_html).

Hi all -

Those of you who have had problems with SQL Method results in 
the 2.2 alpha (that's probably everyone!) may want to apply 
the following patch to lib/python/Shared/DC/ZRDB/Results.py. 
If you are tracking CVS, you can just update the file. This 
is the fix for the authentication problem - it will be in 
forthcoming 2.2 beta.

*** Results.py  2000/03/10 22:32:08     1.10
--- Results.py  2000/05/23 18:57:12     1.11
*** 99,104 ****
--- 99,108 ----
+     # We need to allow access to not-explicitly-protected
+     # individual record objects contained in the result.
+     __allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__=1
      def __init__(self,(items,data),brains=NoBrains, parent=None,

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