Chris Withers wrote:

>Sounds like a cool idea, but I don't really understand what it does and
>how you use it.
>Could you give use some enlightenment?

Have a little patience with Steve, to him reading Python source code is
like reading 
our own native language to the rest of us. "Docs, we don't need no stinkin'

ZCVSMixin is a sort of replacement for a standard Zope Folder Object. If
you want to be able to maintain an entire Zope Folder (and everything in
it) in CVS, use a ZCVSMixin Object instead. Then, from the Manage view, you
get a new tab showing up that provides the interaction with CVS. 

What it actually does is an Export as XML on the whole "folder", which then
can be stored, view, checked out, checked back in, and otherwise thoroughly
managed and maintained within CVS. For developers that are deep into Zope,
and familiar with CVS, this represents some potent possibilites. 

Think about checking out a Zope Widget from a CVS on the other side of the
planet, importing as XML into your local Zope, where it is marshalled back
from its CVSish XML form into the original native Zope self. Now you can
tweek it to your hearts content, export as XML, then check the updated
version back in, where it becomes part of the trackable, archived,
searchable CVS system. 

Steve, please clarify any of the concepts I've managed to mangle!

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