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Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 12:47 PM
Subject: RE: [Zope-dev] LM and user objects

> Chip Vanek writes:
>  > I also tried to get the patch working with 2.2CVS PTK CVS and had
little luck.
>  > I also needed to manually apply the patch and worked through the errors
>  > I got a security violation with the PTK.  I was no longer in any way
able to
>  > access any of my test portals using the management interface.  I needed
>  > back the patch out and get to plain 2.21a and PTK cvs to even get a
>  > portal working.
> Interesting.  I've been avoiding 2.2 until the new security model gets
> some more bugs worked out.  Unfortunately, this means I'm not
> surprised that you had problems...

LM seems to be pretty happy on the whole with 2.2 at this point.

> We seem to have consensus on this.  Looks like Kevin's taken over the
> lead on getting to the next step which is a coherent interface for PTK
> Membership to use to specify how to set up its LoginManager (e.g. how
> do I create a Membership instance using a Postgressql based UserSource
> here, and another Membership instance using NT domain logins there).

Actually, my short term goal is to make everything the PTK currently offers
available as separate components (and as the PTK bundle), and to make things
ZPatterns-aware. So, the Membership part that I'll be releasing will
basically just set up a LoginManager with the high level interfaces... I'm
not going to spend any time worrying about other UserSources and such at the
moment. Those probably want be a big deal anyhow, given LM's pluggable

>  > So my vote is to check your patch into the main stream and harden
>  > it.
> That's three in favor and none opposed so far.  I'll do it after
> fighting a higher priority fire this afternoon.

Yep. For some reason, I had been thinking your patch was in the CVS PTK, so
I'm actually not even looking at your patched code, I guess :(


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